Q: What are my voting rights in the Cooperative Association?
A: One (1) vote per share (Household)
Q: What restrictions exist in the Cooperative documents* on my right to use the unit?
A: At least one adult fifty-five (55) years or older in residence.
Q: What restrictions exist in the Cooperative documents* on leasing my unit?
A: One person fifty-five (55) or older…No one under 18 years of age and a minimum of three (3) month rental.
Q: How much are my assessments (Maintenance Fees) to the Cooperative Association and when are they due?
A: $414.00 (Four hundred and fourteen dollars per month). Due on the 1st of every month. Late fee after the 10th of the month is $25.00.
Q: Do I have to be a member in any other Association? If so, what is the name of the Association and what are my voting rights in this Association? Also, how much are my assessments?
A: No
Q: Is the Cooperative Association, or other mandatory membership association, involved in any court cases in which it my face liability in excess of $100,000.00? If so, identify each case.
A: No
*Note: The statements contained herein are only summary in nature. A prospective purchaser should refer to all references, exhibits hereto, the sales contract, and the cooperative documents.
More FAQ’s:
  1. The speed limit in the park is 15 mph.
  2. Stop signs must be observed by cars and golf carts.
  3. Motorcycles are prohibited (mopeds and scooters up to 50cc are allowed).
  4. Use of skateboards, children’s scooters or roller scooters, or roller skates/blades is prohibited.
  5. Guests under 18 years of age may visit with a resident 55 or older for up to 30 days.
  6. Members, renters and guest must wear badges when using any recreational facility.
  7. Members are responsible for the appearance of planters and lawns.
  8. No storage is permitted on outside or under homes.
  9. Garbage must be placed in plastic bags on your pickup days. Recycling must be placed in clear plastic bags on your pickup days.  See recycling instructions in Documents under services.
  10. Pets on in areas defined as “Pet Sections”. Only one pet – weight limit 20 pounds per home.
  11. Feeding of ducks, cats, rabbits or other stray animals is prohibited.
  12. Golf carts and licensed mopeds shall not be operated by anyone under 16 years of age (even if accompanied by an adult).
  13. No overnight parking on streets.
  14. Vehicles shall not be parked on lawns.
  15. Please obey all posted Rules when using any recreation facility (i.e., tennis courts, golf course, shuffleboard courts, swimming pool, etc.).
  16. Water on your scheduled day and hours only. See schedule in Documents, under Services folder.
  17. Any outside alterations such as patio, driveway widening, paint color, etc. must be approved by Management through an Exterior Work Permit. Fill out form in front office or eForm on the website.